2.5 — Precision and Diagnostics — Practice

Quarto file R Studio Cloud


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Getting Set Up

First, create a new R project on your computer by choosing File -> New Project..., create a new directory (a folder somewhere on your computer), and then choose New Project and then give it a name like 2.5-R-Practice [This is a good time to practice not using spaces in file and folder names!].

Then, download and open the Quarto file above and move it to the file folder on your computer that you just created for the R Project, and open it in R Studio. If there are any packages that you are missing, a yellow banner on top may inform you Package X is required but is not installed, click Install to install them, or equivalently use the console to install.packages().

Alternatively, you can do everything on RStudio.Cloud, which has its own R Project that includes the Quarto file.