1.1 — Introduction to Econometrics — Class Content

Meeting Dates

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Upcoming Assignment

Please complete the preliminary survey by next class.


Welcome to ECON 480 — Econometrics! Today’s lesson will be an overview of the content and the assignments of the course. Please read and familiarize yourself with the syllabus.

This is not just a “syllabus day,” as we need to hit the ground running, beginning with learning the software we will be using this semester. Starting next class, we will do a deep dive in to R for about 2 weeks. In preparation, please do the following before next class:

  1. Go to RStudio.cloud and register a (free) account with your Hood details.

  2. Try to install R and R Studio on your computer if you are able, before next class. You will still always have RStudio.cloud available all to use in your browser, but it is much better to have a real version of R and R Studio on your own machine to work with all semester.


Today is introductory, but please heed this timeless message:

Please note going forward, the lesson numbers and topics (e.g. 1.1) on this website are my design, and will not match up with the textbook!


Below, you can find the slides in two formats. Clicking the image will bring you to the html version of the slides in a new tab. The lower button will allow you to download a PDF version of the slides.

I suggest printing the slides beforehand and using them to take additional notes in class (not everything is in the slides)!


Download as PDF


Preliminary Statistics Survey Due By Next Class

Please take the preliminary survey on your statistics and software background by nexrt class. This will help us all have a productive semester together.