1.3 — Data Visualization — Class Content

Meeting Dates

Wednesday, August 31, 2022


Today we start the fun stuff - data visualization. We will cover how to build plots with the package ggplot2 (part of the tidyverse): I will lecture for the first half (again, it will be a lot of information that you can refer back to as needed over the semester) and you will practice making plots.


Recommended/Resources on ggplot2

Recommended/Resources on Data Visualization

R Practice

Answers from last class’ practice problems on base R are posted on that page.

Today you will be working on R practice problems on data visualization. Answers will be posted later on that page.


Below, you can find the slides in two formats. Clicking the image will bring you to the html version of the slides in a new tab. The lower button will allow you to download a PDF version of the slides.

I suggest printing the slides beforehand and using them to take additional notes in class (not everything is in the slides)!


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