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Monday, November 28, 2022

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Problem Set 5 is due on Monday November 28.


Today, we look at one of the most commonly used by professional researchers and econometricians: difference-in-differences, also called “diff-in-diff” or “DND.” The setup of this regression is actually quite simple, consisting (primarily) of a series of dummy variables and an interaction effect:

\[Y_{it}=\beta_0+\beta_1 \text{Before}_{t}+ \beta_2 \text{Treated}_{i}+\beta_3(\text{Before}_i \times \text{Treated}_{t})+u_{it}\]


\[\text{Treated}_i= \begin{cases}1 \text{ if } i \text{ is in treatment group}\\ 0 \text{ if } i \text{ is not in treatment group}\end{cases} \quad \text{After}_t= \begin{cases}1 \text{ if } t \text{ is after treatment period}\\ 0 \text{ if } t \text{ is before treatment period}\end{cases}\]

Thus, \(\hat{\beta_3}\) is the causal effect of the treatment we aim to measure. As an interaction effect between two dummies, we can interpret \(\hat{\beta_1}\) as measuring the difference across treatment & control group before any treatments happen, \(\hat{\beta_2}\) as the difference over time, and \(\hat{\beta_3}\) as the difference of the differences:

Control Treatment Group Diff \((\Delta Y_i)\)
Before \(\beta_0\) \(\beta_0+\beta_1\) \(\beta_1\)
After \(\beta_0+\beta_2\) \(\beta_0+\beta_1+\beta_2+\beta_3\) \(\beta_1+\beta_3\)
Time Diff \((\Delta Y_t)\) \(\beta_2\) \(\beta_2+\beta_3\) Diff-in-diff \(\Delta_i \Delta_t: \beta_3\)



Problem Set 5 Due Mon Nov 28

Problem Set 5 is due by the end of the day on Wednesday, November 28.


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